Many companies spend lots of resources and effort to create a brand message that supports their business, particularly the sales process. Yet many athletes note that while these businesses contain relevant information and attract visitors, they can’t state how their brand message has influenced their training process. Social media has raised athletes’ expectations about the image and message they expect before deciding who to trust with their training. Sports Performance Institute rises to the occasion, we set the expectation. Together, we are the standard.

3 Pillars of Sports Performance Institute

Train Smart.
At Sports Performance Institute (SPI), our foundational pillar is Train Smart. At SPI, training smart means training to prevent injury, increase performance and improve a person's overall quality of life. There is no shortage of information on training in our society. Any person can go online and instantly be confused by all kinds of exercises and philosophies; but how can you know what you're consuming is right for you? At SPI our staff is educated and certified to bring you an effective training program.

An effective training program starts with injury prevention. Simply put... hurt athletes do not perform well. You can be assured that when you train with us every exercise is weighed in balance of the athlete's safety. Secondly, a clear understanding of an individual's needs is required for an effective training program. At SPI we pride ourselves in listening to our athletes and clients to find out what their goals are and assessing their needs based off the sport they play and the time of year. Training is not one size fits all, and at SPI we have multiple tools (exercises, movements, etc.) to help individuals succeed. Lastly, a training program is only effective as it is consistent. Real results require effort over an extended period of time. We do not believe in quick fixes or fancy gimmicks that you will find elsewhere in the training world. Whatever consistent looks like for you, we want to offer you. We understand there are competing demands for young athletes and busy lifestyles for adults and we want to meet you where you are at if possible.

Train Fast.
The old saying "speed kills" might seem cliché, but it's an incredible truth for athletes across the board. Whether you are trying to hit a 350-yard drive, throw a baseball 95MPH+, dunk a basketball, or run a 4.3 forty-yard dash, speed is key. Speed is often misconstrued into thinking that strength training will make you slow. Strength training the wrong way can make you slow, but proper strength training is vital for speed development. However, we are not interested in chasing 'weight room records' but rather increasing overall athleticism. If you train with us be assured no matter what sport you play speed will be addressed in some form. OUR GOAL with strength training is to enhance speed and power, all while making you more durable to protect against injury.

Recover Faster.
At SPI we have an obligation to serve our athletes beyond the time they spend in our facility. Recovery is just as important as training itself. Proper recovery is what allows a person to get the most out of their training and train more frequently. Recovery is sort of a gray area and most people don't quite have a clear grasp on what practical recovery looks like. We believe the best recovery strategies are actually quite simple. A good diet, hydration habits, quality sleep and restoring proper resting posture will take a person incredibly far. None of these things are earth-shattering information, but they are the foundation for good recovery; no supplement or online trend will ever replace the basics. We often discuss eating habits and sleep habits with our athletes. We also address the importance of posture when training versus posture while resting. Every step you take, and every breath you take, you are developing compensation patterns in movements. We utilize breathing and postural correction techniques to reverse these patterns so that you can shift into a parasympathetic state. This means you will begin the process of recovery much faster. These things are extremely undervalued by coaches and athletes.